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Brooklyn Brewery At The Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of America just got a major upgrade. Brooklyn Brewery, one of America’s top craft beer makers, is coming to the CIA’s Hyde Park campus in the Summer of 2015. This has been the long-time dream of Prof. Douglass Miller who teaches Mixology, Spirits and Brewing on campus. It is a major victory for him and the campus as a whole, as they try to expand the education of the students and encourage visitors to come to the campus.

The operations of the brewery will fall to the students themselves, as it will be integrated into the curriculum for students pursuing a concentration in Advanced Wine, Beverage and Hospitality. Through the new program, they will learn the ins and outs of brewing and fermentation, in addition to business aspects of running a small brewery/cafe. As a part of the new partnership, the CIA will brew its own beer, including some seasonal flavors. Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, will visit the operation on occasion to help develop the curriculum and develop recipes. The location of the on-campus brewery will be in the new student center that is currently under construction. Expect not only great beer, but great food to go along with it. Beer and food pairings are a new trend in the food world, so it would only be natural for the CIA to teach not only students, but visitors, about which beer goes with each dish.

I am very happy for the school and Prof. Miller. This is a new and exciting program coming to the CIA and it looks quite promising. Students have been wondering for years why there wasn’t a concentration for beverage, outside the wines course and this answers their prayers. I’m just sad that I won’t be able to take part of this program as a student! At least I can go visit and so should you.

Artist rendition of the completed Brewery, in the new Student Center

Artist rendition of the completed Brewery, in the new Student Center


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