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The Rise of Food Trucks

Food trucks and/or food carts have been a staple in every major metropolitan city for a very long time, but only recently have they been elevated to the same level as some restaurants. They’re receiving national attention through shows such as Eat Street and The Great Food Truck Race, as well as spots and highlights on major news networks. And they’re not strictly relegated to the United States either. I’ve seen plenty of food trucks that make me want to take a roadtrip up to Canada! Seriously, a Poutine Food Truck. Get in on that.

And we’re not just talking about savory food truck either. There are plenty of sweet and/or dessert-based food trucks out there, as well as upgraded versions of the old childhood favorite, the ice cream truck. Case in point, NYC’s Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. The possibilities on these trucks is limitless and continues to change and showcase fare outside of the normal street food of burgers or hotdogs.

Going just from my own memory of what I’ve seen on TV, there have been Poutine trucks, BBQ trucks, Chinese trucks, even a Filipino truck! The last one makes me incredibly happy.

The chefs behind these fabulous food trucks all range from career changers to full on classically trained chefs and that is where the beauty of the food truck really comes into its own. You never quite know what you’re going to get when you walk up to one of these trucks. Unless of course, you follow them on Twitter, a trend that many food trucks have been following lately. They’ll tweet where they’re going to be and what’s on the menu! It’s a great way to not only attract new customers, but keep your loyal regulars informed.

So go out there and track down a food truck that you think will be to your liking. You never know what you’ll get!


Author: NJ_Chef

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