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What’s New At The CIA

The Culinary Institute of America has recently started a brand new academic program at its Hyde Park campus; the Culinary Science Program.

The Culinary Science program is a brand new Bachelors program offered at the CIA alongside its traditional Food Service Management program. To be perfectly honest, I would have loved to been in the Culinary Science program but alas, the program began while I was halfway through my Food Service Management program. Oh well. Perhaps sometime down the line I’ll look into it.

While I’m not in the program, I have friends who are and so far, they love it! It’s a great way to both mess around with how science and food interact, as well as find out the exact chemistry behind the various cooking processes. My friends currently in the program really enjoy every moment of it, as they’re able to not only flex their culinary skills, but to also be as creative as they want, while still learning new things.

I think one of my favorite stories my friend Mike, who is in the program currently, has told me is when they were testing the difference between sorbet made in a traditional ice cream machine and sorbet made using liquid nitrogen. The end result was that they were similar in flavor, but the texture was completely different. The ice crystals in the liquid nitrogen were slightly larger. Science at work!

If you want to learn more about the specifics of the program, you can check it out here.

Personally, I think it’s great to see science and food come together in such a unique and wonderful way. It’s a great chance for people who want to get into the R&D field to gain first-hand experience at exactly what that field has to offer. I just wish I had the chance to enter the program now!


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