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Life In The CIA: My Externship – Part, The Third

Hey everyone, sorry once again that this entry was a little late! It got super busy at work and it still is, but thank goodness for days off, right?

My time here in MA is starting to wind down. That’s right, I’m nearing the end of my externship period with The Southfield Store/The Old Inn On The Green. August 13 is my last day and it is fast approaching. I’m of two parts about it, to be perfectly honest. Part of me is glad to be almost over, because I’ll finally get a chance to rest, relax and process all the information I’ve learned since April. However, there is another part of me that is sad that this experience is ending soon. Despite a rocky start, I’ve really come to enjoy my time here. My coworkers, the chefs I work alongside. Everyone here has really made this a quite enjoyable experience and has taught me many invaluable lessons and skills of which I am very thankful. I need to think of a way to properly thank them before I leave.

I’m now working 6-days a week now, with my only day off being Tuesday. It’s a rough schedule and doesn’t really leave me with a lot of free time, but such is the life of a chef, culinary or baking & pastry. Sad to say, this new schedule may prevent me from attending the yearly get-together with some good friends of mine, but I hope they understand why. Sacrifices must be made in this line of work I suppose. On the plus side, I am learning a ton of new and exciting recipes and techniques, as I have been throughout my entire externship.

Business has really picked up in these Summer months. There was a stretch of 3 or 4 days in a row where the restaurant had 100+ people per night. It’s all sorts of insane right now. There are nights where it’s a complete nightmare to be at work, but thankfully it’s offset by nights where even 100 people flow as smoothly as 20 or 30 people. I’m thankful that no matter how busy it is, my coworkers and I get into enough fun shenanigans to get past a dull moment or just lighten the mood in general.


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