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Life In The CIA: Your Externship Manual

There is one very important piece of equipment that you, as a CIA student, need to bring to your Externship site, and that is your Externship Manual.

Believe it or not, the CIA actually gives you more work to accomplish while you’re working full time at your extern site. Overkill? Depends on who you ask. It’s the school’s way of keeping track of your academic progress, as you build on your skills. This also is how they grade you for Extern so DO NOT LOSE YOUR MANUAL.

Basically, your manual contains a variety of weekly assignments for you to complete and for your chef/boss/supervisor check and sign off on, when those assignments have been completed. That brings me to my next point: be timely about your manual. Don’t wait 4 or 5 weeks into your Extern and then pile up assignments on your chef’s desk to look at later. That’s a quick way to get yourself in trouble and to quickly fall behind on your extern manual. Remember, this is a class grade. Set aside time to accomplish these weekly assignments and you’ll be set. If need be, give your chef a warning in advance about your extern manual, so you don’t catch them off guard.

Finally, and quite possibly the most important part of dealing with your extern manual: KEEP IT NEAT. If your hand-writing isn’t very neat, type out the assignments and attach them to the manual. Remember, your instructors at the CIA will be grading this. It’s very important that they understand what they’re reading so they can grade it accurately. One of my own chefs said before I left that he just gave one manual a failing grade because he couldn’t read it.

Sorry this entry is a tad short. I just wanted to get this one out of my head an onto the blog. Tomorrow there’s going to be a much bigger entry so stay tuned!


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