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Food Bites: The Importance of a Stage

Now I know what some of you out there must be thinking. And no, this is not the “stage” (long “A” sound) where people act or sing. This “stage” (short “A” sound) is basically a trial run for an up-and-coming chef. This is when the chef of the establishment you are hoping to work for, basically says to you: “Let me see what you’ve got.” This will most likely be the very first time the chef sees you in action, so you REALLY have to make this count.

This is the one chance all aspiring chefs have to show off their skills. To say to their prospective employer: “See this? This is why you should hire me.” A resume will only get you so far. An interview will do the same. A stage is the real determining factor on whether or not you get hired at a particular establishment. First impressions are key and none are more important than your stage.

Sorry this one’s so short guys, but I wanted to give you all something to make up for the entry I missed yesterday. Tomorrow I’ll make a post about my own stage and how it went (seeing a pattern here?).


Author: NJ_Chef

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