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Life in the CIA: The Dress Code

There always seems to be one aspect of the CIA that my non-culinary friends seem to be confused about: the CIA dress code. Yes, even at college, there is a dress code. The dress code here at the CIA can mean one of two things; Business Casual or Chef’s Whites.

Guys must be clean-shaven and cannot have sideburns longer than their ear lobes. Girls cannot have exposed shoulders or exposed cleavage. Now, I’m sure some of you are asking, why the need for such a strict dress code that is enforced by every teacher on campus? Mainly because of the professionalism and respect that the CIA is so proud of. And honestly, it works. I can honestly say that, compared to the last college I went to, the air on campus is very welcoming and very professional. It’s a nice feeling that I really haven’t had since my high school days; when I also had a dress code.

I can honestly say to those who complain about the dress code: Why bother complaining? Honestly, a dress code isn’t all that bad! You look good and you feel a lot more professional, especially in your chef’s whites. What do you, dear readers, think of such a dress code? Let me know!


Author: NJ_Chef

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and aspiring food-writer. 28-year old chef, blogger, eSports fan, gamer, jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

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